WMZQ photos

More coming- I have mailed myself two HUGE boxes of photos & tapes that were in my basement in Boston, and I’ll have them back down here in Virginia in a few days…and I’ll scan more in…but this is a good one (brought home in my suitcase!)

xoxo Mary Ball

5 Responses to “WMZQ photos”
  1. Jean Novak says:

    WMZQ has never been the same without Jim and
    Jean – Alexandria

  2. Ryan Cotnoir says:

    Dear Ms. Ball
    I remember meeting Jim twice in his long career . The first time was back in May of 2001 when I met him at an appearance in Herndom on Market street in Eldon. I listened to you and Jim during my school bus ride to Fairhill Elementray in 1990. My bus driver was a fan of the show as well

    The second time was the most special memory of all. I used to listen to Jim’s America’s Music program literally every Saturday night. So my Dad arranged for us to go watch him do the program . He had taken us on a ” verbal tour ” of how the show worked . I recall he wore a black shirt both times I had met him. One of the things Jim and In common was our amazing knowledge of country music . I have Aspergers Syndrome and my unique knowledge of country music is what makes me “me.” Thank you Jim for all you did for me figuratively and literally.
    Fairfax, VA

    • Mary Ball says:

      Dear Ryan,

      Thank you so much for your note. I can’t tell you how much it means to me to hear your story. Jim and I used to joke around about how our jobs were so silly- just playing records and cracking jokes on the radio. Big deal. But then, a note like yours comes along.

      Jim would have loved reading this, Ryan. And it warms my heart to know you listened to Jim, had a chance to see him “in action,” and that you and he had something wonderful in common- a fantastic knowledge of country music- the special thing that “makes you you.” I think that what we all want in this life, something that makes us uniquely “us.” And you are blessed to have it.especially given the challenges you must have to face with Asperger’s. God bless you, sweetie.

      Thanks again for your post.

      Love, Mary Ball

  3. Donna Hartog says:

    I wanted to finish with I am so sorry for the lost of your friend. 66 is much too early to die. I hope your memories will help to bring a smile to your face and give you peace over your missing him.

  4. Donna Hartog says:

    Hi Mary, I knew Jim from way back in 1972 in WPB, Fl. He worked with my husband (at the time). I remember him dressing as Santa Claus and coming over, and his spending Christmas morning with us. He was a really great guy. I had completely lost track of him, but my X just texted me with the news, so it appears he kept up with where Jim was & what he’s been doing.

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