Photos from Jim’s Tribute

Thanks so much to everybody who came to Jim London’s tribute Saturday night. Nothing except time can really ease the pain of losing him.  But at least we had the chance to get together and share our stories, laugh and cry together- and remember the sublime- and the ridiculous- and everything in between.

Having Laura Martin Drew there- Jim’s lovely daughter- truly made the evening. Laura said many wonderful things about her dad, but one thing will stick with me- that when she was a little girl, he “told THE BEST bedtime stories!”  I can only imagine!! Thank you Laura. You drove all the way up to Northern Virginia from North Carolina, and I know the whole experience must have been hard on you. Just know that your dad was a special man to many, many people and he will not be forgotten.

Maura Sullivan’s presence was the absolute icing on the cake. Such a lovely woman, such a good friend of Jim’s, such a fine singer and songwriter- and she blessed us with a live rendition of the beautiful song she and Jim wrote together, Christmas Eve in Washington. (

I thought I would fall apart when I laid eyes on Maura Saturday night, remembering how much she meant to Jim- and knowing how much she loved him- but instead,  it truly made me happy. Thank you so very much, Maura. You’re the best.

There were a lot of Jim’s DC radio buddies at the tribute- what a hoot to see so many old friends.  Jim would have loved it.

(Thanks to Bernie Lucas of WMZQ for snapping the pix!)

In loving memory of our friend Jim,

Mary Ball




2 Responses to “Photos from Jim’s Tribute”
  1. Dave Henderson says:

    Mary, thank you so much for sharing that very special event. From the pictures It is clear that Laura is Jim’s “baby girl.”

    Maura told me that you all laughed and cried together, and now your post closes the circle. Love and fond memories.

  2. Art Kelly says:

    Thanks, Mary, for the great pictures!

    I would have really liked to have been there, but I had four different places to be on Saturday and I could only be at only one of them. So, I do appreciate your pictures!

    I’ll pray for the repose of Jim’s soul.

    Are there any extensive airchecks available of you and Jim on Oldies 100? What a wonderful morning drive team you two were! I’d love to hear you all again.

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