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It is just wonderful to read these words from people whose lives were touched by Jim.

-Mary Ball

…Yea Jim London….your battled that god damn radio for years and won most of the

time…..great jock, but more importantly one hell of a nice guy…R.I.P……Chuck Davis


“wingraphics” said all that needs to be said about Jim London: “A Class Act”.

Especially in an industry so bereft of it these days. Unsigned Corporate Suit (3/2/12)

When Oldies 100 went on the air in June of 1993, I was doing the overnight show and the

first people I saw every morning were Jim & Mary. They were BIG stars and I was just

starting my first real, big-time radio gig(I don’t really count WINX!). I can’t tell you

what it meant to me when 5:50am rolled around and I got to do some crosstalk, some

shtick with the two of them before I signed off. It was such a thrill. I thought, wow, I’m

on the same station that Jim & Mary are on! Jim was not only a fun, funny, humble,

sweetheart of a guy, but he was a GREAT disc jockey. He made it look effortless. Those

were really special days and years when radio was still creative and fun. Jim London

made this radio rookie feel like a big deal and I’ll miss him a lot. At least I’ve still got all

the airchecks! (3/2/12)

it was an honor to work with the great jim london for seven years at wmzq…i really

believe that jim and mary ball had the best music morning show ever in dc.. (3/1/12)

Bill Worthington, Mary Ball and I are putting together an evening for Jim London in

the coming couple of weeks. We’ll keep everyone posted here and on Facebook. Jim was

one of my best friends. Am not sure whether Mary or me is using more Kleenex right

now. Sean Hall (3/1/12)

The passing of Jim London is sad news to us all. I had the pleasure of working with him

at Oldies 100. Jim was always a class act. One of the funniest people I have ever met –

both on and off the air. He was also one of the warmest and most genuine people you will

ever want to meet. Despite the fact that he & Mary Ball dominated mornings at WMZQ-

he never let it go to his head. The radio industry became a lesser place the day he left the

airwaves. The world is now a lesser place now that he is gone. RIP, Jim. Steve Allan


[RE Jim London:] I worked with Jim when he did middays at MZQ. He was a great guy

to work with. The one thing I will always remember, I forget if we read it in a newspaper

article or just something someone said…but we always joked… “Jim had a voice that

could melt butter!” Sean Q (3/1/12)

Dave, I can only echo what others are so fondly remembering of Jim London. Those were

glory days at WMZQ. A country music station was not supposed to be Number One in

the cosmopolitan, international city Washington, DC had become. The good nature and

honest affection Jim had for Mary and that she had for him set the tone for the rest of the

very successful day of that place. They were sweet and funny. Who can forget the edited

snippets from the previous night’s presidential news conference that Jim would contour

to questions asked by his “Louie from Bowie” character. A real sense of joy came

naturally to him and from him. I miss him. See you on the other side, Jim. Rest in Peace.

Bill Worthington (3/1/12)

Dave, I am sorry to hear of Jim London’s passing. I worked with him at WMZQ from

1984-to-1988 on mornings at WMZQ doing news. He was not only a great talent, but a

big help to me, as I was quite inexperienced in the news-anchoring business and gave me

a lot of pointers and advice about what I needed to learn, as I struggled not to stumble

over the copy, and overcome my insecurities! He did a great job at Oldies 100, and at

WGAY and later back at WMZQ. Dennis Crowley, now Washington correspondent,

United News and Information Radio in DC. (3/1/12)

Jim London was one of the best and nicest jocks I ever had the pleasure of working with.

He was a true pro and a real gentleman. I remember his fiery temper on occasion when

we discussed politics or he had a technical difficulty. Jim once told me he was with

George Jones on his tour bus and they got stinking drunk before George’s concert. Jim

literally fell out of George’s tour bus. No one told a story better than Jim and I will miss

him dearly. Laura L (3/1/12)

Tom Kelly informed me of Jim London’s passing yesterday and I was truly saddened. At

WBIG-FM (“Oldies 100″), he and Mary Ball were a joy to work with. I spent many an

hour swapping radio war stories with him. Mary’s post spoke volumes about Jim as a

person. As I type this, one of the ways he introduced me is running through my

head…”Here’s the walkin’ talkin’ always rockin radio legend” and it went on for

another 15 or 20 seconds. I feel privileged to have been a part of the Oldies 100 family

and to have known Jim. We shared a lot of laughs. Yes Mary, the radio biz kicked him in

the butt a few times but he always bounced back. Thanks for the memories
Jimbo,,,,Johnny Dark (WTTR & (3/1/12)

[RE Jim London:] Sad news…he had a terrific on-air presence and was very

knowledgable about the music he played. (3/1/12)

Long before Jim London came to DC and jocked country, he and I worked together (77

-78) at then-CHR WQAM/Miami. I did the newscasts during Jim’s airshifts, and he

pulled me into some of the funniest stuff on radio. And when the mic was off, he was just

as mirthful and energetic. A totally great guy, someone I’ll always remember with a

smile. Jeffrey Young, VOA-TV. (3/1/12)

[RE Jim London:] What a wealth of classic Country knowledge he was to go along with

his teddy bear vocal talent. I learned so much from “The Professor.” He will be missed.

[RE Jim London:] Sorry to hear this! I remember hearing him on WMZQ as well as

WGAY! And wasn’t he on the old WPIK/WXRA way back there in the 80s? RIP (3/1/12)
[RE Jim London:] Him and Davy Jones on the same day and at the same age. I guess

Davy need a good DEE JAY to talk him up past the gates (3/1/12)

Dave’s response: I thought the same thing. But now I’m hearing that Jim died on the

28th, not the 29th…..

[RE Jim London:] With tear filled eyes and a heavy heart it saddens me that we have lost

2 such great talents today, both at the age of 66. Jim and and Davey, travel route 66, to

the gates…god speed! You will both be greatly missed. I know you will keep music and

radio in heaven rockin’. (3/1/12)

[RE Jim London:] A DC radio giant, as well as a really nice guy….Jim will be missed.


We got the following from Mary Ball…..

Dave, you should know that Jim London died yesterday, Feb. 28 of a heart attack, in

Largo, Florida, at age 66. I’m heartbroken- he was not only my radio partner of 12+

years, but he was my dearest friend in the world. Jim was certainly a true radio pro- in

the very best sense. Classy, witty, always a gentleman. The business chewed him up and

spit him out more than once, but he always came back fighting- and it never made him

cynical. He loved radio- and always believed in radio’s potential to make a difference in

people’s lives. He will be sorely missed by so many of us- not just because he was great on

the air, but because he was a truly great human being. Condolences may be sent to his

wife Mary Martin, 12300 Vonn Rd., #2104, Largo, FL 33774. (3/1/12)

I am extremely sorry to learn of Jim London’s passing. The brief time I worked with him

in 1981 at KIX-106 was memorable for me. What an enormously talented man. I enjoyed

the lunches with Jim and Paul Bottoms at a couple of their favorite haunts.

Unfortunately I had to go back to work doing the afternoon traffic reports. I learned a

lot from Jim. What a good guy. Dave Statter (3/1/12)

Dave, Really Sad News about Jim London. He was a real stand up guy. I enjoyed

working with him for several years at WMZQ on his second go-around. Thanks for the

update. If you get info on where to send condolences, please post. Tom R./Fairfax (3/1/12)

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  1. Jean Novak says:

    Just found out about Jim’s passing. I enjoyed him all the years he was at WMZQ. Jim & Mary made my mornings.
    Jim was the VOICE.

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