Jim’s Movie

For those of you who can’t join us for Jim’s tribute this Saturday in Alexandria, here is a little slide show I put together today from some old photos. Of course I’ve cried all day, but it was worth it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERMGT_tk3bE&feature=share xoxoxo- Mary Ball Advertisements

WMZQ photos

More coming- I have mailed myself two HUGE boxes of photos & tapes that were in my basement in Boston, and I’ll have them back down here in Virginia in a few days…and I’ll scan more in…but this is a good one (brought home in my suitcase!) xoxo Mary Ball

A Supreme Visit

More BIG photos…

Early photos

I’m going through boxes of old radio stuff…finding things that make me laugh out loud. Like this one- from the 1985 Country Music Radio calendar. Why I’m sticking my tongue out, I can’t imagine- and even worse, they printed it! Sheesh. Jim looks so young here 🙂

10th anniversary- Dec. 21, 1993

Jim and Mary at WBIG