Early photos

I’m going through boxes of old radio stuff…finding things that make me laugh out loud. Like this one- from the 1985 Country Music Radio calendar. Why I’m sticking my tongue out, I can’t imagine- and even worse, they printed it! Sheesh. Jim looks so young here šŸ™‚

2 Responses to “Early photos”
  1. Dave says:

    This will test my failing memory, but I recall that Jim had a sponsor, Nutri Systems, leading up to the first Bull Run Jamboree. He pledged to lose 98 pounds, being on 98.7 WMZQ. Jim would announce his weight losses as time went and the numbers were impressive, The day of the Jamboree Jim took the stage as MC and he appeared to be holding his pants up with one hand and a microphone with his other. In his beautiful voice he welcomed the attendees and the performers, then he mentioned his pledge to lose 98 pounds. With that, he pulled his waistband forward to reveal enough room for another Jim. The audience roared. At that point I seem to remember that he let those pants fall to the floor and he was wearing a normal size pair underneath the old ones. That is a great memory of Jim.

  2. Mary Ball says:

    Oh, I see now with the photo enlarged, this was taken at the 12/1/84Judds concert- but it was actually the BJ Thomas concert- the Judds opened for HIM!

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